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Our Product Range
Hour meter
Time totalizer
Electronic revolution counter
Petrol pump totalizers
Mechanical stroke counter
Special purpose counters
Road Measuring Devices
(road measurer)
Digital devices
Totalizer counter for flowmeters
Mechanical revolution counter
Length measuring devices
Shut height indicator
Preset or predetermined counter
Production counter
Length Measuring Equipments
  CMC 2  Measurement in meters with two wheels of 1/3  meter circumference.  

CMC 3  Measurement in meters with two wheels of 1/3 meter circumference  fitted with hinge for titling

Mechanical Counters
CMC 4  Measurement in meters and tenth of meter with 1/3 circumference wheel L bracket & hinge.

Measuring Devices
CMC 5 Measurement-in meters & tenth of meter with two wheels of 1/2 meter with two wheels of 1/2 meter circumference, bracket & stopper suitable
for 12.7  mm rod.  

 CMC 6 Measurement-in meters and  tenth of meter with two wheels of[[ 1/2 meter circumference.  it comes without bracket

Measuring Instrument

 CMC 7  Measurement in meters  with two wheels of 1/3 meter  circumference with L bracket,  Bracket, stopper & stay rod.


  This is a Textile lenghth measuring Device


   To measure in Feets and Inches.
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