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Our Product Range
Hour meter
Time totalizer
Electronic revolution counter
Petrol pump totalizers
Mechanical stroke counter
Special purpose counters
Road Measuring Devices
(road measurer)
Digital devices
Totalizer counter for flowmeters
Mechanical revolution counter
Length measuring devices
Shut height indicator
Preset or predetermined counter
Production counter
Electronic Revolution Counter

Revolution counter ( Model DC-9045RC)
Panel cutout 90 x 45mm
Six (6
) digit display, 8mm LED
Supply-110v/230v, 50Hz. 5VA/12 to 24V DC, 100 mA
(remote optional)
Open collector -6000 cps
Memory-Last count 72 hours

RPM Counter

RPM Counter (Model DC-9045RPM)

Panel cutout 90 X 45 mm
Six (6) digit display, 8mm LED
Supply -110v/230v,50Hz., 5VA/12 to 24 v DC, 100 mA

Input type-
Non contact-Open collector

Fan winding machine Counter

Fan winding machine counter (Model EL CPR 5)

Direct drive-compatible to CE's CPR5
Five (5) digit display, 8mm LED
Supply - 230V, 50 Hz., 5 VA/12 to 24 V DC, 100 mA
RESET & change direction switch (CB/DB)
Direction- Auto - Built in sensor
Memory - Last count 75 hours

Revolution Counter

Revolution Counter (Model ELCr 5/ELCR6)
Direct drive-Suitable for 6000 RPM
56 digit display, 8mm LED
Supply-230V, 50Hz., 5 VA / 12 to 24 V DC, 100 mA
RESET & change direction switch (CB/DB)

Input-Built in sensor
Memory-Last count 72 hours.

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